DPR Group Celebrates Liz Palm’s 10-Year Anniversary with the Company

DPR Group founder and president, Dan Demaree, presents a crystal award to Liz Palm, director of marketing, in recognition of 10 years of outstanding work.

Liz Palm, director of marketing, started with the company as an account coordinator in June of 2003 not long after graduating from Penn State University. In less than two years, she rose to an account executive, representing clients that built unmanned vehicles, components for video surveillance and communication systems, and enterprise management software. While Liz loves the challenge and excitement that came with representing high-tech companies, the pull of the glitz and glamour of the consumer industry was too strong and she stepped away from DPR in 2006 to see what was on the other side of the fence.

Liz’s sabbatical would be short lived. About four years later, the planets aligned and president and company owner, Dan Demaree, reached out to her about an open senior account executive position just as Liz was planning a path back to the high-tech B2B space.

On October 25, 2010, Liz rejoined the DPR Group team and quickly re-acclimated herself with the best practices of high-tech public relations, helping software, cloud services and industrial automation companies increase brand awareness in key industries, launch new products and services, and build credibility with prospects.

Throughout the ensuing years, Liz ascended to her current position and extended her responsibilities to include helping guide DPR Group’s future. With an eye toward industry trends, Liz realized a shift in public relations and marketing that could easily be translated into new service offerings for DPR Group.

Liz worked closely with Dan to begin offering these services to established clients and quickly produced significant results. Liz is HubSpot Inbound certified and HubSpot Marketing Software certified, and spearheaded DPR Group’s HubSpot agency certification.

Liz said, “Through my time at DPR Group I have seen the agency grow, overcome obstacles that would have shuttered lesser firms, and expand its service offerings to create a strong foundation for future growth and success. We view clients as partners, partners as an extension of our agency and staff as part of our own family. I’ve truly appreciated my 10 years with DPR Group and the amazing people I’ve met during this time. We are on the cusp of an exciting era in high-tech PR and marketing and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for us.”

Today, Liz develops and executes targeted and successful communications campaigns that integrate multi-channel marketing tactics to maximize impact. Her dedication to keeping abreast of changing trends translates to innovative initiatives that are ahead of the curve, allowing her companies and clients to benefit from the reach and immediacy of leading tools.

Dan Demaree, founder and president, DPR Group, said, “Liz has a unique place in the history of DPR Group as our first boomerang employee – someone who worked here, left for a few years, and then came back. Throughout her tenure, she has always strived to help DPR Group grow and evolve so that we can offer new services to our clients. But most of all, I value Liz’s drive to conscientiously help DPR Group’s clients meet and exceed their PR and marketing goals. I am happy to provide special recognition for Liz on her cumulative 10-year anniversary and look forward to what she will help us accomplish in the future.”

The entire DPR Group staff attended a luncheon at The Wine Kitchen restaurant in Frederick to celebrate the milestone. There, Dan presented Liz with a pyramid-shaped crystal award, with an inscription that appropriately reads, “To Liz Palm, 10 Years of Outstanding Service.”