DPR Group Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Hott’s Starring Role in Excellence

DPR Group is pleased to recognize and celebrate the two-year work anniversary of assistant account executive Elizabeth Hott.

DPR Group’s renaissance mom Elizabeth Hott with son Hunter

During the last two years, Elizabeth has worked closely with and learned from our experienced account teams to provide successful PR and marketing services to our high-tech clients. Her responsibilities include (but are not limited to) tracking media hits, creating blogs and social media posts, as well as drafting press releases, bylined articles and case studies. Elizabeth also sits in on client calls and provides a critical back-up role to help our account executives best serve our clients.

Elizabeth joined DPR Group in 2017 following six years in the healthcare industry as a manager for an optometry practice. During her time there, Elizabeth focused primarily on eyeglasses sales, insurance verification and patient exam services. She acquired many critical skills in management and customer service that allowed Elizabeth to bring a valuable and unique perspective to DPR Group.

“Anyone who meets Elizabeth can’t help but be impressed by her quiet passion to achieve excellence in whatever she sets her mind to,” said Dan Demaree, founder and president, DPR Group. “Elizabeth has become an integral and dedicated member of our team and I’m very pleased to have her here.”

Renaissance Mom

An alumnus of Gettysburg College, Elizabeth graduated in 2011 with a B.A. in studio art and a minor in art history. During her college years, Elizabeth honed her fine art skills in painting, ceramics, and sculpture. In fact, several of Elizabeth’s works were chosen for display to the public at Gettysburg’s Schmucker Art Gallery.

“I really enjoyed my art history education, especially that of Ancient Greece,” explained Elizabeth. “It allowed me to combine my love of art with my skill in writing into one field of study.”

Elizabeth lives in Frederick, Maryland, with her husband of four years Tommy and one-year-old son Hunter. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys expressing her creativity through her artwork, particularly ceramics and sculpture.

On the film set: DPR Group’s Elizabeth Hott (right) with husband and co-star Tommy (left) shooting a scene with their film team Pecos Bill and the Wranglers

One pastime Elizabeth and Tommy share is a love of film. When they began dating, Elizabeth joined Tommy in his participation in the annual 72 Hour Film Fest, a tradition of the Frederick, Maryland arts community since 2006. Participating film teams – an even mix of amateurs, students and professionals from both in front of and behind the camera – are given only 72 hours to write, shoot and edit a short 5-to-7-minute movie on a randomly selected topic.

This year, Elizabeth, Tommy and their film team – Pecos Bill and the Wranglers – shot and submitted “The Secretary” to the film contest and festival. “The Secretary” documents the zany adventures of an office staff when the CEO (Elizabeth) entrusts her secretary with babysitting her baby boy. However, when the baby wanders off missing, it leads to a madcap search throughout the office to find him before CEO mom finds out. Filmed on a Saturday at DPR Group headquarters, the film starred one-year-old Hunter Hott, in his motion picture debut, and co-starred Tommy as “IT support.”

Co-starring Mr. Spock

“The Secretary” is the 8th mini-movie Elizabeth has worked on with Tommy over the years. One of their favorite filming stories to tell occurred in 2013 when it came time to create the short film “Jeffrey.” Thanks to connections – the story of so many other projects in show business – the Pecos Bill players were able to wrangle a big-name cameo appearance by the late actor/director Leonard Nimoy, most popularly known as Star Trek’s “Mr. Spock.”

“One of the guys on our team has an aunt that was friends with him. She happened to be at [Nimoy’s] house, so they filmed a quick scene for our movie and sent it to us which was really cool,” explained Elizabeth.  “The reaction of the audience was pretty funny. It was kind of a slow realization where everyone started asking … ‘Wait. Was that really him???’ We like to say that we’re technically Leonard Nimoy’s last acting credit before he died. It’s been a great story to tell.”

When she is not hard at work for DPR Group clients or acting on a film set, Elizabeth’s role as “Hunter’s mom” (no acting required) consumes most of the rest of her free time. Her remaining leisure time is spent playing the occasional video game, playing with the family cat (a Siberian named Scooter) or spending quality time with husband Tommy (not necessarily in that order), while always (like so many young moms) in search of the chance to get in a quick nap.