MODEX: Day 01 Recap

MODEX was held from March 11-14th at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga.  MODEX brought together over 1,175 of the leading manufacturing and supply chain suppliers to showcase their end-to-end solutions.

From left to right, Michel Goossen, Global Service Manager, Stoecklin Logistics; Dan Demaree, Founder & CEO, DPR Group and Danilo Potocnik, Director of Sales, Stoecklin Logistics.

DPR Group’s Founder and President, Dan Demaree, attended the show to meet with and support the company’s manufacturing and supply chain clients. On the first day, Dan had the opportunity to spend time with Stoecklin Logistics, Inc., one of DPR Group’s warehouse automation clients. Stoecklin Logistics has been in business for more than 90 years and is a leading provider of automated material handling and warehouse storage systems. As a leading partner, Stoecklin Logistics helps manufacturers, processors, retailers, and wholesalers revamp warehousing operations through efficient sustainable product handling. Stoecklin’s green automation and robotic solutions combine intelligent software with automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), pallet conveyor systems, shuttles, and more to help companies efficiently move products and preserve the environment through reduced waste and less emissions.

During the show, Stoecklin introduced its new CEO, Juerg Frefel to attendees, which included partners and prospective customers. Frefel is a natural scientist and engineer who was appointed to the position in January 2024 to support the company’s efforts in achieving sustainability and reducing its overall CO2 footprint.

Stoecklin Logistics’ new CEO, Juerg Frefel, speaks to prospective customer at MODEX 2024.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to shape the future of automation with Stoecklin Logistics,” said Juerg Frefel. “It’s important that we continue to focus on providing solutions that not only meet today’s needs, but also the needs for the future. Our vision is to become the champions of intralogistics, and I believe that our end-to-end, intelligent solutions are capable of achieving this.”

Additionally, throughout the show, Dan conducted video interviews with Juerg Frefel and took photos of Stoecklin executives interacting with the attendees at their booth. Coverage from the show included Modern Materials Handling, among other publications.

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